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Character Journal - Volor Rau - Entry #3

A new journal entry has been released onto the Extranet! The audio consists of Volor Rau during his time as an active STG member as he assesses with his past team a breakdown of a mission they recently completed.

Bonus Episode - Escape from Scion Delta

The lush, tropical planet of Scion Delta finds itself under siege! In our GenCon 2020 special one-off episode, we follow the story of a new group of strangers made from community generated bios. Will they be able to escape a planet devolving into chaos or will they all meet a gruesome fate?

Video of this session can be found here:

Character Journal - Milovea Acanis - Entry #3

A new journal entry has been released onto the Extranet as Milovea Acanis reflects on the aftermath of the mission on New Riverton!

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Fresh Start

Season 2 kicks off with a bang! Special guest player Mark Meer (the voice of the male Commander Shepherd!). It's been several weeks since the events of New Riverton and the team heads out on their next assignment. Will they learn from their past or be doomed to repeat it? - Special Guest: Mark Meer (Vrik)

Welcome to Mass Effect: Adventum Podcast!

Special guest and voice actor, Mark Meer, briefly talks about the setting and plot of the campaign as well as other general facts about the podcast itself!

Welcome to Mass Effect: Adventum!

Mass Effect: Adventum is an actual play, tabletop RPG podcast set in Bioware’s beloved sci-fi universe. Starting shortly after the events of Mass Effect 2, the story is centered around an unlikely group of adventurers caught in a galaxy-wide struggle between the Reapers, Cerberus and the mysterious Janus Collective. Each episode is played by a group of friends looking to have fun while also offering a high-quality listening experience for our audience. A new episode is released every 1st of the month on many popular audio platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Google Play, etc.

Bert Jennings (GM):

Naeem Stewart (Commander Nickens):

Emily Rose Jacobson (Milovea):

Matt Acevedo (Vok Khirk):

Tanaya Rivers (Jisera):

Evan Glesener (Volor):

Episode 17 - The Aftermath

With their time on New Riverton at an end, the crew of the Rubicon must come to terms with their most recent actions. Will they come together? Or will this wedge finally pull them apart?


Q&A Episode - Bonus

We have recorded and released a Q&A episode responding to every question asked by you all, the listeners of the podcast!

Episode 16 - High Noon in New Riverton

Tupol Azon has been found, but can the crew extract him in one piece? With Cerberus, Batarians, and Justicars closing in, the trek to the Rubicon is a daunting one.

Character Journal - Vok Khirk - Entry #2

An audio entry from a past mission with Vok Khirk of the Rubicon crew, (played by Matt Acevedo) and Ozeki (played by @DaMoonRulz) has been released onto the Extranet. How did the two krogans fare?

Character Journal - Jisera - Entry #2

The current situation on New Riverton grows more dire with the crew as another journal entry from asari justicar, Jisera of the Rubicon, (played by Tanaya) has been released onto the Extranet!

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